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Re: Dr Dobbs CDROM

Phil Karn <[email protected]>

> [the DDJ CDROM with crypto sources]
> It would seem that this may be another appropriate pair of subjects
> for official State Department Commodity Jurisdiction requests. I could

I know people who've ordered and received it here. My guess is that DDJ has
made a CJR and was _given_ permission to export.

One of the main objections to the Schneier disk was the "ease of use," the
code came ready to compile. The DDJ CD can be browsed through a reader program
supplied with it, and the only way to extract some code is to find it (the CD
has all the text of the articles as well) and copy it through the Windows 
Clipboard. _Then_ you name the files, separate them into modules, create a make
file etc. Would not be _much_ harder to just type in what you want.

If the Schneier disk was as inconvenient to use, Phil Karn's CJR might have
been successful.

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