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ANNOUNCE: Bay Area physical meeting May 21.


SAME cypherpunks time!  NEW cypherpunks channel!  (er, location)

What: Bay Area physical cypherpunks meeting
When: May 21, 1994
      12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, CA
       Building 5, SGI cafeteria, aka Cafe Iris

Many thanks to Katy Kislitzin for arranging us a new and larger
meeting space.  With Cygnus meetings averaging 40-50 people each
month, we'd just plain run out of space in their small conference
room.  And many thanks to John Gilmore for the well-used Cygnus room.

We'll be in Cafe Iris, with 75 seats and plenty of A/V equipment.
There will be full MBONE support, including video.  We'll have a
camera, so those who want to broadcast their likenesses to the whole
world will have the opportunity.  The MBONE session has been
advertised on 'sd' already.

The New York Times magazine is doing a story on us, and a photographer
will be there to take a group photo, last I heard.

This month's theme is Protocols.  We'll be doing protocols and other
technical cryptography.  Here's what's known to be on the schedule
right now:

-- Arthur Abraham.  Broadband subliminal channel in the DSA
-- Eric Hughes.  Narrowband subliminal channel in the DSA

    These two will be presenting work by Gus Simmons on the various
subliminal channels in the Digital Signature Algorithm, based on a
pair of papers presented last year.  Folks can prepare for these
presentations by reading Schneier's _Applied Cryptography_, p. 300 and
following, on El Gamal signatures, Schnorr signatures, and the DSA.

-- Eric Blossom.  Secure telephony

    Eric is working on a hardware-based secure telephone, similar to
the clipper-ized AT&T secure phone.  He will be discussing details of
the protocols, not all cryptographic, required for implementation.

-- the usual contributions from the attendees

See you all there!

[Thanks to Katy Kislitzin for directions--EH]

  Place:  Silicon Graphics, Inc.
                Building 5 (SGI Cafeteria)
                2025 North Shoreline Boulevard
                Mountain View

                From 101 take Shoreline East.  Turn right onto Steirlin
                Court at the big red metal sculpture. Go almost to the end,
                and building 5 is on the right.