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Re: Secure RPC?

Hadmut Danisch writes:
>where can I get specs and informations about 
>secure RPC?

You can get the source code and associated documentation from
ftp://bcm.tmc.edu/nfs.  You'll need the files rpc_40*.shar and
secure_rpc*.shar.  Note that this doesn't come with the actual DES
encryption routines; you'll have to find or write your own.


[email protected] writes:
>	 I remember a referance to Sun's secure RPC where the puplic key
>	 was "insecure" because the it did not use a large "key" (to few bits?)
>	 does anyone one have info on this?
>	 		-Pete
>Yup.  The modulus is too small, and the key exchange was cryptanalyze
>by LaMacchia and Odlyzko.  See
>   author = {Brian A. LaMacchia and Andrew M. Odlyzko},
>   journal = {Designs, Codes, and Cryptography},
>   pages = {46--62},
>   title = {Computation of Discrete Logarithms in Prime Fields},
>   volume = {1},
>   year = {1991},

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