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RSA's "Sink Clipper" poster

Got home today, and found a poster tube attached to my doorknob.  Inside I
found a poster from RSADSI ("Because some things are better left unread.")
with the picture of a ship going down and the words "Sink Clipper!" on it.
It's not a bad poster, saying how Clipper "allows government to eavesdrop
on the communications of criminals, suspects, and unfortunately,
law-abiding citizens alike," and lists what you can do to stop it.
(Boycott, write Washington, and, of course, buy only real RSA products :-)

It's a pretty good poster.  I believe I got it because I inquired of their
various products and PEM services a while back.  I don't know what their
policy is, but I don't suppose it'd hurt to mail [email protected] and ask.


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