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Cantwell Bill Clears Committee

I found this in sci.crypt today.  Does anyone know if a full House vote on
the export bill is the next step here?

In any case, it's definitely time to contact our Reps again and remind them
of the importance of this act.

From: [email protected] (Castor Fu)
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Subject: US Crypto Export controls may weaken -- Cantwell bill clears committee
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Date: 21 May 1994 20:15:58 GMT
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In the clari.nb.govt  an article (<[email protected]>) reports that 
Maria Cantwell's (D-WA) amendment to the Export Administration Act
has cleared the House Foreign Affairs committee. 

The bill  would turn over responsibility for all non-military crypto  to the 
Commerce dept, and that most forms will be exportable without licensing.

For more information on the bill, HR3627, look for Cantwell at

Presumably, this means the bill will proceed to a vote before the House.
(Question for US readers: does your rep's position on HR3627 match yours?)

I realize this does not quite meet the "charter" of sci.crypt, but since
it is relevant news, I hope you will forgive the intrusion. I have directed
followups to talk.politics.crypto

        -Castor Fu

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