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Re: MIT has released PGP 2.6


What will we have to do to get MIT-PGP 2.6 via anonymous ftp from

Like with MIT-PGP 2.5, telnet to net-dist.mit.edu, and answer questions.
This time there are 4.  The first three questions help MIT protect itself
from possible legal problems related to their distributing PGP - they
cover their rear ends with regard to ITAR regs (questions 1 and 2) and
patent infringement (question 3).

First, we must assure net-dist that we're not trying to export MIT-PGP 2.6.
Second, we must promise not to export MIT-PGP 2.6. Third, we must agree to
the terms and conditions in the RSAREF license. Finally, we must agree
that we won't use MIT-PGP 2.6 for commercial purposes.  A "yes" answer to
that last question is the only thing specifically required by the RSAREF

Note well that we aren't required to obey strictures in some kind of
"README" file.  Remember this for when someone tries to muddy the waters
with baseless obfuscatory claims about what we agreed to in some auxiliary
file, and how that auxiliary file somehow overrules the license terms.

I find the RSAREF license quite reasonable, as I did their previous
version.  I have not yet seen the MIT license.  I don't know about the
source, because I haven't grabbed it yet.


- ---------
Here are the details:

boojum(101) % telnet net-dist.mit.edu

ULTRIX V4.2A (Rev. 47) (bitsy)

login: getpgp
Warning: no Kerberos tickets obtained.
Athena Server (DSMAXINE) Version 7.4G Mon Jul 27 10:22:03 1992
Unable to open /usr/tmp/attachtab: No such file or directory

This distribution of  PGP 2.6 incorporates the RSAREF(tm)  Cryptographic
Toolkit under license   from RSA  Data Security,   Inc. A copy  of  that
license is in the file /pub/PGP/rsalicen.txt available via anonymous FTP
from net-dist.mit.edu  (note: login  as   anonymous *not*  getpgp).   In
accordance with  the  terms of that  license,  PGP 2.6  may be  used for
non-commercial purposes only.

PGP  2.6 and RSAREF may be  subject to  the export  control  laws of the
United States of America as implemented  by the United States Department
of State Office of Defense Trade Controls.

Users who  wish to obtain  a copy of PGP  2.6 are require to  answer the
following questions:

    Are you a citizen or  national of the United States  or a person who
    has  been lawfully admitted   for permanent residence  in the United
    States under the Immigration and Naturalization Act?

<type "yes" or "no"> XXXXX

    Do   you agree not   to export  PGP  2.6,  or RSAREF  to the  extent
    incorporated therein, in violation of the export control laws of the
    United States   of  America as   implemented by the    United States
    Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls?

<type "yes" or "no"> XXXXX

    Do you agree  to the terms and  conditions of the RSAREF license (in

<type "yes" or "no"> XXXXX

    Will you use PGP 2.6 solely for non-commercial purposes?

<type "yes" or "no"> XXXXX

To get PGP 2.6  use anonymous FTP to  net-dist.mit.edu  and look  in the


Note:  Use anonymous FTP,  do  not attempt to login  to  on the "getpgp"

Holding for 60 seconds ^C to quit sooner.

telnet> quit

Version: 2.5