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Canadian site

  For any other Canrem.com members reading this, I've uploaded a file
called PGP26INF.ZIP, that contains a copy of all files that can be
downloaded from net-dist.mit.edu, without recognition as a Canadian,
or U.S. Site.

  Regards, Dave Hodgins.

 **********  Original From: DAVE HODGINS
 * CARBON *             To: MIT POSTMASTER
 *  COPY  *    Date/Number: 05/24/94 - Not Yet Posted
 **********             On: CRS - 0104 - Internet_Mail

 As per my message, to you, on 05/15, PLEASE add canrem.com to your
list of Canadian sites, that should be allowed access, to the PGP 2.6

 I just tried to download the files, and was again, denied access to
the directory.

 Please send me an email message confirming completion of the above,
so I don't have to waste telenet time (which I pay for), looking up 
a directory name, that I cannot access!

 Regards, Dave Hodgins, 

      (416) 538-6516
      2350 Dundas Street West, Apt. 2505,
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      M6P 4B1


230-If you are FTP'ing in to get PGP, and your DNS name of your host isn't
230-one that is "obviously" from the U.S., you may get a permission denied
230-message when you try to cd into /pub/PGP.  If this happens to you, and
230-your host is located in the United States or Canada, send mail to
[email protected] to be added to a special exception list.

  The site I'm using is being denied access.  Please add canrem.com
(CRS Online, formerly Canada Remote Systems) to your special
exception list.  The IP address is 198.133.43.nn, where nn is any
number from 1 to around 200.

  Could you email me when this has been completed?

  Thanks,  Dave Hodgins,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Version: 2.3a


cc: ALL in 8 on CRS

cc: [email protected] in 0104 on CRS

 * RM 1.3 00820 * Internet:[email protected] Rime->118 Fido(1:229/15)