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PGP 2.6 uses RSAREF version 1

MIT's release of PGP 2.6 uses RSAREF version 1, under the RSAREF
license of January 5, 1993.  

Some people have wondered whether including RSAREF 1, rather than
RSAREF version 2, is an oversight in the PGP 2.6 distribution.  It is
not an oversight.  Version 1 is what we intended.

The change from RSAREF 2.0 (in PGP 2.5) to RSAREF version 1 (in PGP
2.6) was done on the advice of RSA Data Security, which has granted
MIT permission to access non-published routines in all RSAREF versions
1.nn, and rights in accordance with the version 1 license.

-- Hal Abelson
   Dept. of Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci.