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MIT AI Lab PGP keyserver back up...

The PGP public key server at the MIT AI lab is now back up, 
running PGP 2.6.

You can access the keyserver via e-mail to:

	[email protected], or
	[email protected]

Please use the alias "pgp.ai.mit.edu" when sending mail to the server.
I expect the keyserver to move from its current host (martigny.ai) to
another machine sometime this summer.  The CNAME pgp.ai.mit.edu will
always point to the right place.

If you have a WWW client with forms support (Mosaic, Lynx, Emacs-W3) you
can also use my WWW interface to the keyserver.  The URL is:


[www-swiss is another alias.  Our WWW server is moving soon, too.]

NOTE: As a result of MIT's legal review of the patent issues surrounding
PGP 2.3 and PGP keyservers, this keyserver has been configured to not
accept "add" requests containing keys identified as being produced by
PGP 2.3 or earlier versions.

If you're running a PGP keyserver and would like to sync with this
server, drop me a note.

			--Brian LaMacchia
			  [email protected]