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(fwd) FBI Digital Telephony Wiretapping a Done Deal??

    From alt.politics.crypto, several forwards deleted:

>US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, May 30, l994

>THE FREEH LOBBY.  Thanks to intense personal lobbying by FBI 
>Director Louis Freeh, there are now sufficient votes on Capitol Hill to 
>assure passage of legislation that would make it far easier for law 
>enforcement officials to wiretap the nation's telephone system.  The 
>snoop-friendly measure, which may be introduced this week, would 
>require manufacturers of telephone, computer and cable 
>communications equipment to design and build their machines so 
>that they could be readily accessed by wiretap and other types of 
>eaves-dropping devices used my US law enforcement agencies.  The 
>legislation would cover communications equipment now in use as well 
>as items not yet on the drawing board.