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Re: Email firewall etc

[email protected] once said:

RI> [email protected]:
RI> > Companies like the idea of firewall machines to protect the security of
RI> > their internal nets.  I bet they would also like something called an
RI> > "email-firewall".  Names are important. :-)  I think of the
RI> > email-firewall as a slightly modified anonymous-remailer.
RI> I haven't delved into the wide world of remailers out there, but I'd like a
RI> remailer that encrypted, though did not necessarily anonymize, incoming mail.
RI> I'm not really bothered about the NSA reading my mail. In fact, I'm not usually
RI> concerned whether someone in New York, for instance read my mail. But I might
RI> not want people closer to home (local sysadmins, etc) to read it. I'm sure many
RI> others share this position.
RI> The problem is that I can't ensure that people encrypt their mail to me. They
RI> may not bother, or be unable. An alternative would be for them to send it to
RI> a remailer, which, knowing my public key, would encrypt and forward it to me.

Version 1.99 of my Remail for Waffle actually does this:
it checks if the recipient of the remailed message has a
PGP public key, and if so, it encrypts the outgoing message,
if it is not encrypted already.

The remailers [email protected] and [email protected]
use this program. For testing you can also use
[email protected], or [email protected]