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Re: Response to Uni's "Lawsuit" Message


On Wed, 25 May 1994, Dave Del Torto wrote:

> At  8:07 am 5/24/94 -0700, Sandy Sandfort wrote:
> >How about this, instead:  A company called "ID Anonymous, Ltd." sets up in
> >a business secrecy jurisdiction.  It buys Internet access accounts in bulk
> >from DGS, Netcom, etc. (ID1, ID2, ID3, . . .).  It then resells them to
> >people living in the service territories of the various access providers.
> >. . .
> I like it.  I'd be willing to participate and refer users to the service.
>    dave

When I wrote my original message, I was doing it more as an academic
exercise than anything else.  However, I will be moving to Hongkong
sometime in July or August.  I'll look into the possibility of starting
such an anonymity service.  In the meantime, though, anyone living in an
appropriate jurisdiction should feel free to do something like this for
themselves.  Basically, it's just a mailbox operation.  If you get your
monthly charges paid up-front, your risk is very low.  Go for it.

 S a n d y