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Re: Unicorn vs....

on Thu, 26 May 1994 14:56:56 -0700 (PDT)  [email protected] wrote:
> But tmp is only responsible for damaging the reputation of the
> pseudonym "Black Unicorn".  This is not the same as damaging an
> actual person by name.

I disagree.  Your name is a pseudonym for "you."  Your identity has been
crafted by your actions and associated with your "name."  Authors routinely
use multiple names under which to publish their works.  Each pseudonym may
generate a different impression in the public, but damage to that
pseudonym/persona is no less real.  Ann Rice choices to publish S&M novels
under a different name but chooses not to conceal this relationship between
her "real" name and the pseudonym.  Black Unicorn choose otherwise.  Once
the relationship has been established, the pseudonym becomes the person.

> If I am dense enough to publicly associate myself with the post,
> then perhaps I shouldn't complain when the Good Christians begin

The association (as I understand it) was accidental.  I am sure Black
Unicorn regrets the disclosure, but it happened :-(

Flaming on the net is the same as flaming in person.  You have to know
when it's time to cool down.  If you don't, you better be willing to
accept the results.  This lesson is one with which every parent should be
familiar.  You start gentle and work your way towards tough until they
get it.

If Black Unicorn had blown his horn at a social event, then he would be
expected to live with the results.  Instead, you would have him live
with the results of another's words.  It is unfortunate that it took 
legal action to resolve the issue, but some people's attention is harder
to get than others.

       Dave Otto -- [email protected] -- [email protected]
    "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"     [the Great Oz]