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Unicorn suit

ciber city> Despite your protestation, "I also don't like to be a bully", 
it seems to me that your pursuit of this case was predicated on your 
ability to be a bully and an insider.

unicorn>This is often the case with lawsuit and any human endeavor.  I'm sorry
everyone isn't on equal ground in the world.  I personally prefer the
ability to resort to a civil system of litigation than to have some
highly institutionalized, standardized, process that could only be
provided by big government.  At what price equality?

I sometimes find it difficult to agree with Tim May and his anarchist
tendencies, but you, Unicorn, have made me wish for exactly that.  How
can anyone be in favor of big government and crypto privacy.  This makes
you sound like a hypocrite!  It seems that Detwiler, and his tentacles, 
have performed a valued, if labored, service here.  Anonymity may have
its uses, but it has abuses as well.  It is not the least bit clear 
from his posting whether Unicorn supports anonymity or not.  Neither is
it clear whether any of the rest of the punks really support anonymity.