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Ecash w/ offshore bank clearing house


   To my question "Could this be a State Killer", Perry Metzger replies
that no single tool other than atomics could kill a state. Possibly, I
should have stated the question as "Could Chaum's ecash with offshore
banking be the straw that breaks the state camel's back?" Private guns
along with electronic privacy tools such as anonymous reputations, PGP,
anonymous remailers, etc. are already at large. These tools are syner-
getic as well as cumulative. At some time we will hit a schelling point.
Possibly, with Chaum's ecash we already have the tools.
   The Soviet Union is a good example of a state that was destroyed by
its inability to control its economy. Viet Nam is a good example of a
"Socialist" state that due to its internal problems largely allows its
people make their own economic arrangements.
   Privacy technology does not necessarily have to destroy a state. To
make the state an ineffective fool would make a happy situation.
   Incidentally, a new thought occurs to me. Why not one of the old ex
Soviet states as an offshore bank acting as a clearing house for Chaum's
ecash. A tax haven - offshore banking country with nuclear ICBM's to
defend itself & its industry would be nice. :-)
                                                 Yours Truly,
                                                 Gary Jeffers