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Re: Unicorn suit


I am surprised that many of you, including Tim, have completely failed to
examine the basic premise upon which the Unicorn suit rests.  No one has 
called into question the dubious concept of "defamation."

Black Unicorn and I have been having a rousing debate on this point in 
private e-mail.  Maybe it's time for a little more devil's advocacy on 
this list.

For the majority (I think) of you who consider yourselves to be 
"libertarians," where is TMP's violation of the principle of 
"non-initiation"?  Don't answer to quickly, words of art have specific 
meanings.  (Black Unicorn, this is a clue.)

For those of other political stripes, what's so bad about defamation?  
I know most of you don't like it, but is their any philosophical or 
logical bases for your antipathy?

 S a n d y