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Re: Unicorn suit

From Uni:

Again, it is not my responsibilty to guard myself against defamation.
       <intermediate statements skipped>
I should be able to conduct business, without interference, in peace,
with whomever, whenever, whatever, and however uptight, as I choose.

But who will guard you against defamation when you insist on doing 
business so indiscriminately, wouldn't you say that you bear a bit of 
responsibility for the kind of associations you engage in which could 
endanger your reputation?

If you were doing a furniture business deal with third-world drug lords 
(you never know!) and they suddenly declared you to be a scum-bag 
lawyer who was really a double-agent spy working with the DEA, could 
you expect much success in taking them to court for accusations which 
besmirched your reputation?

Guess you could try, huh.  Many things are possible, although somewhat 
difficult to achieve.