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The Assault on Unicorn has Begun

Earlier today I predicted that Unicorn's satisfaction with tmp's
"apology" would be short-lived, that the so-called apology actually
looked like a dead ringer for Detweiler's "abject apology" to the
Cypherpunks list several months back. I predicted that Detweiler/tmp's
latest "apology" would presage a major new assault.

Faster than I imagined, it arrive tonight. Filled with invective,
forgeries, thinkly veiled death threats, and more accusations that
Black Unicorn is the mastermind of a plot to cause the collapse of
Western governments (let's hope Unicorn's Swiss clients are spared
this one).

Unicorn challenged me today about when the last time I
responded/defended myself against tmp's rants--I said it was a couple
of weeks ago (and then to expand on a point, not to answer the
juvenile rants). Generally, any response, no matter how reasoned, not
matter how measured, produces a ten-fold resonse from Detweiler.

It's pointless to respond. Detweiler is apparently now persuaded that
Unicorn cannot touch him, and plans to go for the jugular. If
Unicorn's True Name and True Phone Number is known to LD as a result
of their recent negotiations (which were apparently moot), I expect
we'll see this soon enough in Detweiler's phony sig blocks.

(Fortunately, in all the months LD has been attaching my phone
number, 408-688-5409, in his various sig blocks, I've never gotten a
phone call asking what the hell is going on. Restores my hope.)

Anyway, the action is raging in talk.politics.crypto.

For whatever reason, Detweiler has to date made only limited use of
remailers. All hell will break loose when he really starts.

--Tim May

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