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Re: Why it is legal to export PGP under ITAR

On Fri, 27 May 1994 [email protected] wrote:

> The US ITAR law exempts many things from export restrictions, among them,
> materials availiable in public libraries.  It gives no special definition for a
> library.  My American Heritage Dictionary defines "library" as, among other
> things, "An orginized collection of recorded data arranged for ease of use."
> IOW, an ftp site.  Which means that if a program is available from a public ftp
> site, you're legally allowed to export it. :)

So if I had the local public library put the software version of 2.6 
availabel for checkout (a reasonable simple task, as they have other 
software available), then would that erase any doubt as to what a library 

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