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American Eagle Scherzando!


   I have found a source of info. that I just must share!

American Eagle Publications, Inc.
P. O. Box 41401
Tucson, AZ 85717

   I'm sure they will send you a catalog just for the asking.

   So, what are they about? They are about VIRUSES! They don't just
carry a couple of virus things - they are the VIRUSES-ARE-US of the
virus world! They have a journal: Computer Virus Developments Quarterly.
They have books on viruses, virus protection, cryptanalysis, the science
fiction book "Heiland", a CD-ROM for $99.95 of several thousand live
viruses, disks of viruses with source code, executable & utilities,
programs & cards for boot protection, & even a virus IDEA computer
system protector.

   Copy follows for two items of particular interest to Cypherpunks:

 By the "King of Hearts"
   A sophisticated piece of software which uses ideas first developed by
computer virus writers to secure your computer system against those who
would like to get their hands on the information in it. You give KOH a
pass phrase, & it uses state of the art IDEA data encryption algorithm
to encrypt all of the information on your hard disk & your floppies. It
is, for all intents & purposes, unbreakable, & works well with DOS &
Windows. Many encryption programs offered commercially are easily
cracked, but this one is not.
   Some people call this program a virus, come say it is not. In ways,
it acts like a virus to do some of your security housekeeping for you.
Yet at worst it is a friendly virus that lets you choose when & how
it will replicate.
   program & manual on disk, $10
program, full source, & manual on disk, $20
(Overseas customers add $12: KOH cannot be exported from the US, but
since it was not developed in the US, we will forward your order to the
overseas distributor. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery)

By Franklin Sanders
276 pages, Paperback, 1986

   Here's an entertaining book about America in the year 2020. If you
wonder if it's proper to use viruses in wartime or if such a virus could
be termed "good", this book will give you some food for thought. Sanders
makes use of computer "worms" when the oppressed people of the US attack
the federal government in an all-out war against tyranny. Sanders uses
his worms right too - not as some all-powerful monster. Rather, they are
deployed as part of a larger military strategy. For a book written in
1986, that's not bad!
   And if you're fed up with the government, this book is sure to give
you a vision for the future. Sanders has been part of the mounting tax
protest in this country. He's fought the IRS in court for years & won
some important battles. Unfortunately the government seems to be con-
firming some of his worst suspensions about them. Now you can get a good
dose of his philosophy & his ideas about remedying our problems. And if
you work for the government, don't be offended - this book is doubly
recommended for you!
Book, $8.00

for shipping add $2 per book. 5% sales tax for AZ. residents.

   It is my belief that in the next few years more uses for viruses
than just being a vandal will be found. Also, they may find a place
in protecting our electronic freedom. - for instance virus remailers.
Also see my previous post - The FREEDOM DEAMON. Also, they have a place
in my CHATTERBOX concept(a remailer for chat mode or commands).
"Viruses aren't just for Sociopaths anymore!"
   Also, I suspect the state may start cracking down on virus tech-
nology. Incidentally, did you all know that crypt has a place in modern
viruses? Encryption is used to hide "nasty" code & virus signatures
until they get into the system & decrypt.
                                         Yours Truly,
                                         Gary Jeffers

                                         PUSH EM BACK!  PUSH EM BACK!
                                         WWWAAAYYY  BBBAAACCCKK!
                                         BBBEEEAAATTTTT  STATE  !