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Re: "illegal": law and tort

On Fri, 27 May 1994, Eric Hughes wrote:

> Now, if someone in Europe were to use PGP 2.6, what could RSADSI do
> about it?  They could sue in civil court for damages.  Which court?
> If in the USA, then their remedy is limited to what the USA civil
> court can order, and if the European user were to have no assets in
> the USA, that's pretty much the end of the remedy.  If the court were
> in Europe, RSADSI would have to sue in a European court.  Now _you_
> guess what that costs.  For an individual user, there's almost nothing
> to worry about.
What if the European user obtains PGP 2.6 from a European site, then rips out
the RSAREF code, and makes it use Phil's original code from 2.3a, and then
distributes this copy. Is there still a copyright violation on RSADSI? 
Is there one on MIT ?