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Re: "lifeguard(?)": bullet tracking system???


On Sun, 29 May 1994, Robert Hettinga wrote:

> . . .
> [snip]
> and Sandy Sandfort <[email protected]> replied,
> [much really spiffy stuff about shooting the shooter(or not) "elided" as
> they say around here...]
> uh, is this *really* cryptography?
> [sorry...]

No need to apologize, Robert.  We all make mistakes.

Well, it is about privacy (all those microphones wouldn't have to just
listen for gunshots) and about empowering the police state.  As I see it,
Cypherpunks aren't primarily interested in crypto as an end, but rather as
a means to an end.  I'll leave the determination of what end(s) we have 
in mind.  Probably, though, they would strongly overlap with concern about 
a police state with ubiquitous microphones, and (doG forbid) automated 
machine guns.

Think about it.

 S a n d y