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Re: MacPGP2.6 (was Re: Email Stalking on CNN)

[email protected] (-=Xenon=-) wrote:
>A system-wide menu will get your girlfriends to use PGP with you, FINALLY :-).

Yes, I noticed the smiley, but I would like to point out that the name
"sidney" is ambiguous regarding both gender and sexual orientation, and the
statement is ironic given that almost half of Apple's PowerMac OS team,
including the person in charge, is female. (I have no statistics as to how
many of the team members would have girlfriends vs. boyfriends).

Anyway, back to the topic:

>hack since you guys at Apple wont tell us how to get that info, not to
>mention how to put up a system-wide menu!).

I do my hacking in Macintosh Common Lisp, not at that level. But if there
is any information you need for MacPGP that I can find out for you by
tracking down people within Apple, if Apple doesn't consider it
confidential, e-mail the questions to me directly and I'll see what I can
do. Be sure to give me enough detail in the question so that I can
understand what it means and how to ask it. I'm still pretty much a Mac
novice, although I would like to change that.

Hmmm... I haven't looked much into the crypto stuff built in to System 7
Pro. Would that stuff you're talking about for PGP 3.0 integrate it in well
enough that the existing 7 Pro facilities for mail encryption and digital
signatures could be used to produce PGP compatible output? That would be a
real win, letting Apple deal with user interface issues.

I guess that the state of MacPGP is relevant to the cypherpunks list, but
followups regarding your questions to me can drop back to private mail.

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