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Re: http://digicash.support.nl = NULL

On May 31, 12:32pm, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Subject: Re: http://digicash.support.nl = NULL
> Thus far, I find on that WWW server
> 1) software to pay for things with digicash, which I need digicash
>    software to buy.
> 2) documents which I need digicash software to buy
> 3) A non-existant general explanation document -- or at least, not
>    accessable to me.
> 4) Lots of mediocre logos.
> Perry

I see several articles on digicash, and a general bibliography.  I suspect
(from a combination of private email, the postings here, and a little testing I
did) that Harry B.'s problems had at least one foot in the fact that he was
using a version of a line-mode browser which sometimes maps temporary links
differently for different clients (e.g. Cello vs xmosaic vs whatever).

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