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Re: New MacPGP2.3a has arrived.

I wrote,
>Request-Remailing-To: [email protected]

All right, we're both dorks. I'll ask politely. Will you please put
the new MacPGP onto the Cypherpunks ftp site? It's on ftp.netcom.com
in /pub/mpj/... only so far. I was contacted by whoever is releasing
this thing about his/her woes in getting it out there. But as I have
a new ITAR-clean ftp site/project, I'd like to not carry crypto code
there. I've attracted a bunch of programmers with promises of a
worry-free environment, and was trying to keep some distance from
this thing. I gotta get back off this list, as all I'm seeing is the
same old cynicism, inaction, and endless threads about money. That
said, BTW, we're interested in what utilities and features you all
would like to see from a large userbase of PGP users.

 - Nik