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Revisionist History of the US....:(

Hi all,

I am not going to name names but I would like to address the comment that
several folks have made (or agreed with) that the US has gone 200 years 
w/o a major upheaval.

Maybe I am taking a alternate History than you folks but I believe the 
Civil War can be considered a major internal upheaval and it occured 
4 score and 7 years (87 years) after the birth of our country. Since then
we have also had the civil rights upheaval (if you don't want to consider
deaths of folks like MLK major that is your business) in the late 50's and 
early 60's as well. Especially when you consider the political and social
turmoil that occured because of the Vietnam War.

What I find most interesting about this chronology is that the upheavals
occur approximately every hundred years since our founding. The fact that the 
present problems we are having w/ the administration recognizing and the 
general populace demaning their civil liberties/rights is apparently early
by approximately 70 years. Perhaps the present administration is really as
progressive as they claim...:)

Take care.