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Re: Government and Repression

Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Ian 
Farquhar") on Fri, 2 Sep  8:32 AM

>Of course, you've got to question whether capital 
>punishment is _ever_  justified, and I would argue that 
>it isn't.  This is way, way off the topic  of 
>cypherpunks, and I don't intend to get into that 
>discussion on this  forum.  I am very glad to live in a 
>country which has signed international  conventions 
>which prohibit it indulging in brutal and callous 
>judicial  murder of a person, despite the occasional 
>state government loony who  pines for the good old 

An enlightened view like this is never off topic where nuclear 
weapons and molten spray in tank hulls are chatted up with 
relish.  State-mandated homicide gotta have its dehumanized 
professionals to do the dirty work.

And your suggestion of giving kids the vote at an earlier age 
adds sane countervalence to the

     parent /
     teacher /
     caseworker /
     cop /
     prison guard /

escape from responsibility algorithm.