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Arizona state email...privacy


   "Why is State property theft?" More precisely, I should
have said that govt. property is extorted rather than stolen. In a
democracy, the sham that taxes are sanctioned by the people is used to
justify state extortion of wealth - taxation. Right now, full taxation
is approx. 45% of U.S. wealth. I don't remember giving anybody the ok
to take this giant amount of money for state purposes. Even if most
people would assent to 45% taxation, there would be a large minority
that would not. Also, we don't agree where the money should be spent.

   In this giant representative democracy, policy seems to be determined
by a huge number of minorities instead of a majority. Each lobbying
group, minority political group, & ruling elite gets legislation &
policies that favor their interests. For that reason, we are governed
by huge numbers of special interests rather the "common good" as willed
by a majority.

   For that reason, we don't even meet the criteria of majority rule.
Not that I see any right that a majority has to rule us. As generally
a Liberterian & specifically an Anarchist, I don't agree to be ruled.

                                         PUSH EM BACK! PUSH EM BACK!
                                         WWWAAAYYY  BBBAAACCCK!
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                                         Gary Jeffers