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Re: NY Times Fears C'punks

>In <[email protected]>, [email protected] passes
>along a New York Times article.  Yep, they're sounding scared.  I
>saw definite pleading of the government's case in there.  They left out
>pedophiles, but they got terrorists, drug dealers and nuclear weapons
>Was it just me, or did the tone get a little more frantic when they
>started talking about crypto?

If you, then me, too :-\

>And what are they really saying in that closing paragraph?
>> Big Brother is dead. The only serious likelihood of his resurrection
>> lies in reaction to the chaos and disintegration that an era of Little
>> Brothers might bring.
>Is this the NYT being out of touch, or are they just showing off their
>tentaclehood?  To me, that reads like a threat against those who oppose
>the Government Private Agenda.

My vote is out of touch - with a threat tossed in for good measure.

FWIW, I sent them a nice (hah!) reply, poking holes in some of their 
premises.  Likely won't do any good, but made me feel better.

Dave Merriman
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