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Re: Problems with anonymous escrow 2--response

> James,
> Your answers to Hal and Tim have been enlightening.
> And your attempt to move away from nominalism to improve 
> precision of language and to ward off inadverdent undermining 
> of fundamentals, is admirable, that is, if I understand your 
> objections to Hal's proposals correctly.
> Perhaps to avoid counter-objections that matters of definition 
> all to often lead back into nominalistic debates, you will be 
> Thanks.
> John


Good Sir, what frightfully polite eloquence have you bathed this
august gathering of gentle spirits?  Who among us dare tread upon the
literary plateau where you have chosen with great cunning to cast down
the gauntlet of gentlemanly and stately redaction and precision?

Errr..., what'd he say?

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