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Re: How Did This Get Done?

> >
> > How the hell did the poster "customize" his address to ...ummm...fit the
> > post???
> not hard at all...by telnetting in to port 25 of a system on the net, you
> can talk directly to that systems sendmail...mail is passed in ascii
> format...few systems require a HELO (identifying the system telnetting
> in)...then you simply type in the mail headers manually...combine this
> with the fact that some systems let you post to usenet by email, and you
> can do just about anything and be untraceable (i think, anyone know for
> sure?)...

Well you can do it this way by using a mail to news gateway, as for
tracibility, this is quite tracible.  Remember all you have to do is have
a log of all incoming telnet sessions and a log at the home machine of all
out going telnet sessions and you're easily paired up with it.

That's one of the ways, some stupid fool got caught mailing a death threat
to the president using forged mail from 'never.gonna.catch.me.org'