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Re: Reputation Capital papers?

At  3:20 PM 9/6/94 -0700, Hal wrote:

>P.S. I did find a paper on the net called "Endorsements, Licensing,
>and Insurance for Distributed System Services", by Lai, Medvinsky,
>and Newman of Information Sciences Institute.  Here is the abstract:


>Unfortunately, I can't recall where I saw the pointer to this paper.
>I'm sure other people read the same lists and newsgroups I do so perhaps
>someone else can provide a pointer.  Also, my copy of the postscript
>paper would only print the first three pages, so I can't really evaluate
>their ideas.

Try this...

>From: [email protected]
>Date: Sun, 4 Sep 1994 13:05:42 -0700
>Original-From: Clifford Neuman <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected], [email protected]
>Subject: New paper available
>X-UIDL: 778899999.011
>A new paper is available by FTP that may be of interest to the readers
>of this list.  The paper will be presented in November at the Second
>ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security.
>   Charlie Lai, Gennady Medvinsky, and B. Clifford Neuman.  Endorsements,
>   Licensing, and Insurance for Distributed System Services.  2nd ACM
>   Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Fairfax VA,
>   November 1994.
>The paper discusses mechanisms for confidence building on the NII. In
>particular it discusses methods by which users may assure themselves
>of the competence and honesty of service providers on the network.
>The paper is available as:
>  ftp://prospero.isi.edu/pub/papers/security/insurance-cccs94.ps.Z
>Clifford Neuman

I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I just got a hot project thrown
into my lap.  I really want to come back and talk about offline cash some
more, <groan!> but I won't have a chance for a bit.

Anyway this thread is way cool....


Bob Hettinga

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