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Re: AIDs testing and privacy

Brian Williams:
>  After a few weeks, you call a 1-800 number, punch in your code
> (from the sticker) and you get a recording telling you if the test
> was negative.

Besides the ANI, the other weakness in this scheme is that the
lab gets a sample of your DNA.  Are destruction of these samples
performed and audited?  

Still, it's much better than nothing.  Now, how about doing
other medical tests like this so that insurance companies don't
find out?  For example, genetic tests. 

Challenge: is a crypto protocol possible with the following 
properties: the doctor writes and signs the prescription,
and it is not transferable, but the patient doesn't need to
show ID to the pharmacist to fill the prescription?
I don't want pharmacists, and whoever else they share the info
with (insurance companies?  investigators? potential blackmailers?), 
keeping track of what drugs I take.

Jim Hart
[email protected]