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PGP comes of age

Got the following blurb from ORA.COM last Friday.  Pretty cool!

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                      O'REILLY'S FALL RELEASES

   PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
   by Simson Garfinkel
   1st Edition November 1994 (est.)
   250 pages (est),ISBN: 1-56592-098-8, $17.95 (est)

     PGP is a freely available encryption program that protects the
privacy of files and electronic mail.  It uses powerful public key 
cryptography and works on virtually every platform.  PGP: Pretty Good 
Privacy by Simson Garfinkel is both a readable technical users guide and 
a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at cryptography and privacy.  Part I 
of the book describes how to use PGP:  protecting files and email, 
creating and using keys, signing messages, certifying and distributing 
keys, and using key servers.  Part II provides background on cryptography,
battles against public key patents and U.S. government export restrictions, 
and other aspects of the ongoing public debates about privacy and free 

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Brian Erwin, [email protected]
O'Reilly & Associates
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707-829-0515, Fax 707-829-0104

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