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Re: Aust crypto regulations

On Sep 6,  6:41am, joshua geller wrote:
> >   Matthew Gream ([email protected]) wrote [in re aussie spooks and
> >   crypto (I think)]:

> >   In short: Anything cryptographic, they want to know about, and they
> >   want to know about it on a per end-user basis. They advise against
> >   distribution on the "Internet" and any distribution without prior
> >   approval otherwise there could be "problems".

> I am sure they will be as successfull as their american counterparts in
> suppressing such distribution.

It's kinda interesting, because another contact I have in DSD said that
he wasn't aware of any restrictions on the distribution of crypto
software.  This may have been simply a personal lack of knowledge, but it
also may indicate the obscurity of the restriction itself.  It also interests
me in that their charter gives DSD absolutely no responsibility for the
control of domestic crypto.

Anyway, if there are any other Australians on the list apart from Matthew
and myself, I think a few letters to our respective members of Federal
parliament are in order now.  This law not acceptable, and I am pretty sure
that most politicians won't support the spooks in this matter (the fact that
Matthew has had such a hard time finding out makes me suspect that this is
regulation might have been slipped in "under wraps", and I see the fingerprints
of the AG's Law Enforcement Advisory Committee all over it).  If we can
coordinate this, all the better.

Unfortunately, my MP is the Right Honorable Paul Keating, MP (Prime Minister),
and his position reduces the time he spends on constituency matters somewhat.
It's not going to stop me trying, though.