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Australian Crypto

Matthew Gream said...

>Well, fuck that for thinking I was living under a less restrictive
>regime -- and I can say goodbye to an international market for my
>In short: Anything cryptographic, they want to know about, and they
>want to know about it on a per end-user basis. They advise against
>distribution on the "Internet" and any distribution without prior
>approval otherwise there could be "problems".

I am more than a little concerned by this as I have just put PGP source 
and executables on my experimental WWW server (Australian based).
I announced it on talk.politics.crypto yesterday before I read this post.
I thought I was doing a service by providing a faster download for Aussie 
users (downloading big files from outside Aus is painfully slow). I hope
I'm not taking an unacceptable risk with my temporary residence visa :-(
I too made the mistake of assuming that the Aussie regulations were more 
relaxed (like those of the UK).

Oh well for what it's worth, here's the address:



(waiting for those ASIO spooks :-)