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Reputation Capital papers?

Prompted by Hal's post I send the following FTP info on 
Information Sciences Institute.

This is their README file.  There is much more there, based on 
a quick look, juicy DoD stuff for the disloyal.




Welcome to USC Information Sciences Institute FTP publications 
When logging in, please use your complete email address as a 
For example:

	    % 	ftp ftp.isi.edu
	NAME:	anonymous
    PASSWORD:	[email protected] ([email protected]_machine)
	 ftp>	cd isi-pubs
	 ftp>	use the standard ftp commands, such as "dir", "get",
	        "cd", etc.
 	 ftp>	"quit" when finished

A few of our technical reports are now available, in postcript 
through ANONYMOUS FTP from ftp.isi.edu. If you would like to 
hard copies of ISI technical reports, please send email to 
"[email protected]" or written requests can be sent to:

		USC Information Sciences Institute Library
		4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
		Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695
		ATTN: Document Distribution

If our stock has been depleted, you will be referred to the 
Technical Information Service, NTIS.  

Here is a brief description of the files currently available 

--------------	--------------------------------------------------

filename	description
--------------	--------------------------------------------------


pubrec.ps	This file contains a listing of all the technical
		reports published by ISI with abstracts. Approximately
		50 pages. 

newpubs0794.ps	This is our semi-annual publications 
newpubs0194.ps	newsletter and order form. It is published in 
		and July. Subsequent newsletters will follow the same
		filename format, newpubsMMYY.ps, e.g. newpubs0194.ps,

isi-sr-93-374.ps	Zoned Analog Personal Teleconferencing (ZAPT)  
isi-sr-93-374.ps.Z	by J.D. Touch
			December 1993, 23 pages

isi-rr-93-372.ps	Employing Knowledge Resources in a New Text
			Planner Architecture
			by E. Hovy, J. Lavid, E. Maier, V. Mittal, 
			C. Paris, 1992
			(Not yet available online. Hard copy only.)
			14 pages

isi-rr-93-366.ps	Synthesis of Asynchronous Systems from Data  
isi-rr-93-366.ps.Z	Flow Specifications
			by T.-Y. Wuu, S.B.K. Vrudhula	
			December 1993, 73 pages

isi-rs-93-364.ps	Security Services for Multimedia Conferencing
			by S. Stubblebine
			November 1993, 9 pages

isi-rs-93-363.ps	ATOMIC: A Low-Cost, Very High-Speed, Local
	 		Communication Architecture
			by D. Cohen, G. Finn, R. Felderman, A. DeSchon
			November 1993, 12 pages

isi-rs-93-360.ps	The Impact of Scaling on a Multimedia 
			Connection Architecture
			by E. Schooler
			August 1993, 14 pages

isi-rs-93-359.ps	Case Study: Multimedia Conference Control 
			in a Packet-Switched Teleconferencing System
			by Schooler
			August 1993, 18 pages

isi-sr-93-358.ps	The ISI "Tunnel"
			by A. DeSchon, D. Cohen
			October 1993 
			39 pages

isi-rs-93-342.ps	Parallel Communication
			by J. Touch
			March 1993, 12 pages

isi-rs-93-301.ps	Physics Analogs in Communication Models
			by J. Touch
			January 1993, 10 pages

isi-rs-92-294.ps	An Architecture for Multimedia Connection 
			by E. Schooler, S. Casner
			August 1992, 8 pages

isi-rs-92-293.ps	First IETF Internet Audiocast, 
			by S. Casner, S. Deering
			July 1992, 6 pages

isi-rr-92-291.ps	ATOMIC: A Low-Cost, Very High-Speed LAN
			by D. Cohen, G. Finn, R. Felderman, A. DeSchon
			September 1992, 21 pages

isi-rr-91-289.ps	A Distributed Architecture for Multimedia 
			Conference Control
			by E. Schooler
			November 1991, 18 pages

isi-rs-91-286.ps	Multimedia Conferencing: Has it Come of Age,
			by E. Schooler, S. Casner, J. Postel
			August 1991, 10 pages

isi-rs-90-252.ps	N-Way Conferencing with Packet Video, 
			by S. Casner, K. Seo, W. Edmond, C. Topolcic
			April 1990, 10 pages