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The New World Order

John Young <[email protected]>:
> Tim, would you expand the link to crypto of unipolar 
> superpower?
> Maybe some of the non-US c'punks can add more.

I'll illustrate by example. Two years ago, the US bullied Russia to renegue on
a deal with the Indian Space Research Organization to transfer cryogenic rocket
engine technology for the Indian Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle. 

The US claimed that the technology was dual-use and prohibited by the MTCR.
India and the Russian company, Glavkosmos, suggested that the reasons were 
commercial rather than defence, as such engines are useless in ballistic 
missiles due to their lengthy preparation period, while an Indian GSLV would
pose major competition to the US space industry. Russia backed down after 
Yeltsin's arm was twisted so hard that he negated a personal statement he made
when in New Delhi.

Recently the Defence Research and Development Organization made a secure phone
for commercial (non-defence) use. It has yet to reach the market, and I am in
the process of finding out what technology it uses, but if Clipper passes in 
the US, India could be pressurized into abandoning it in favour of a 
Clipper-like alternative.

As an aside, the Indian government likes to show that it's not following US 
orders (not signing the NPT etc) and the GSLV will probably be launched with
indigenously developed engines in 1998.

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