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Re: AIDs testing and privacy

>Obviously, privacy is more important in a totalitarian society but those
>sorts of social arrangements have become less likely since markets would
>largely prevent their development.  Capital flight and punishingly high
>interest rates would squash any developed country that tried the
>totalitarian route these days.  They couldn't afford it.

The nature of control freaks is that they ignore the actual costs of their 
actions.  Is the government actually concerned with the true costs of 
installing monitoring devices into every phone switch in the country?  Do 
they really think of the financial costs associated every little decision 
designed to control our lives?  The true concern is *POWER*.  How they can 
get it, how they can keep it, and how they can extend their grasp into more 
and more of your/mine/everyone's lives.

What must be determined is how to identify control freaks and what to do 
with/to them when you find them.
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