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Title VII v. Liberty

Granted I deleted about 1000 messages before starting to follow the thread (tangental at best to crypto...) but...
Title VII of the CRA covers the already illegal actions of Tim's hypothetical
firm refusing to hire Blacks.  Granted Tim firmly believes this kind of law
is a bad idea, but nonetheless it is the law.  To avoid the flame, yes I am wel
versed in Libertarian ideals, save it, i already subscribe.
As to sexual orientation, um no federal law protects the class.  And yet magic-
ally, massive discrimination exists.  This is a natural result of the condition
of falesly free markets.  To those involved with Libertarian causes, a free market player in this example would openly admit that th
basis of orientation, but they dont.  They also hide their racist activities.
I in no way suggest all corp's are involved in this activity but if you deny it
exists Id like to live in your world.
Sometimes intervention works.  Granted, usually it does not.  But removing
the regs now would work to do one thing - perpetuate the past effects of discriminatory intent in today's world.
Flame on!
- Matt
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