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ANNOUNCE: September meeting is Third Annual Cypherpunks Conference


What: The Grotesquely Overnamed Third Annual Cypherpunks Conference
When: Saturday, September 10, 1994
      12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m. PDT
Where: Silicon Graphics, Cafe Iris

    In the annual tradition of overblown announcements of the
September Meeting, this greeting invites you to the Third Annual
Cypherpunks Conference, Worldwide Media Event, Gala Schmooze Festival,
and Anarchic Capitalist Celebration Banquet, all to be held at the
usual date, the second Saturday of the month, at noon.

    Featured will be an overview of CRYPTO '94 with lots of good
results including an experimentally attained known plaintext attack on
DES, cryptanalysis of a chaos-linked telephone scrambler, and new and
unproven hash functions.

    Join us!


[Thanks to Katy Kislitzin for directions--EH]


  Silicon Graphics, Inc.
  Building 5 (SGI Cafeteria)
  2025 North Shoreline Boulevard
  Mountain View, CA

From 101 take Shoreline East.  This is towards Shoreline Amphitheatre.
It's also "logical east", and points more north that east.  (That is,
it's east with respect to 101 North, which points west near the exit.)
If you're coming in on 101 South, you'll cross over the bridge.

Continue on Shoreline and go past a whole bunch of other SGI
buildings.  Turn right onto Steirlin Court at the big red metal
sculpture.  There will be even more SGI buildings surrounding
you--take note of the building numbers.  Go almost to the end of this
street.  Building 5 is on the right.