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Re: Privacy regulations

> 	On a happy note, when I switched to MCI recently, they asked
> for my socialist security number, but the person had no problem at all
> not getting it.  Yes, it would be nice for them not to ask at all, but
> I didn't even have to raise my voice when declining to provide it.

They have your current name and current address... ...anyone who has 
worked with credit reporting services can tell you that thoes two things 
are enough to get your Social Security number. The person getting the 
informaiton may have already had the number in front of her. With your 
name and address someone can find out what your date of birth is. In many 
states that is enough for a drivers licens... ...name and dob... 
...anyway they also have your SSN and everyone you have owed money to in 
the last ten years. From your Drivers licens the story goes on. 

Groove on dude
Michael Conlen