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                         SANDY SANDFORT
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Michael Conlen adding to comments by Adam Shostack and Tim May

    With your name and address someone can find out what
    your date of birth is. In many states that is enough for
    a drivers licens... ...name and dob...

Federal agencies such as the FBI, and most if not all states, use
your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH as their primary means of locating
you in their databases.  When it comes to being charged with
giving false information to the authorities, it could be argues
that you "accidentally" misremembered or forgot your SSN.  It
would be a real stretch, though, to assert that you got your own
name or birthday wrong.

If you are stopped by the police, you are required to identify
yourself if asked.  Is your DOB required?  May you decline to
answer that question if it is not relevant to the stop?  (To
drive a car, to buy booze, you much be of requisite age.  Maybe
you could say, "I'm over 21, officer.")  I don't know if it's
ever been tested in court.

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