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Re: Title VII v. Liberty

Jamie Lawrence says:
> Refs on this one? Even on ref. would do me. The only 'studies' I've
> seen like this are bullshit paid for by fundies. Seeing how one of
> their major weapons is convincing folk that queers are taking over
> big business, I wouldn't exactly call them credible.

Actually, as I recall these have mostly been marketing studies. For
whatever reason (perhaps the same "oppressed group syndrome" that
tends to make several other minorities work harder) gay men tend to be
higher up on the income scale. No, I can't find a reference in a
second -- but if you insist I'll dig one up. Those knowing my opinions
closely enough will know that I loathe fundamentalist christians and
that I'm quite rabbid in attacking discrimination against homosexuals.

Let me note that Jews and Asians are not protected groups under Title
10 -- there are no affirmative action laws for us, and there *is*
discrimination against them -- sometimes even very violent
discrimination. Somehow, however, they have managed to do just fine in