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Re: Ecash mailing list?

> Is anybody interested in forming a mailing list explicitly for e-cash
> discussion?  After looking at the c'punks list for at least a year,
> there seems to be the critical mass of interest to create a medium
> volume mailing list.

Half a dozen such special sub-list exists on Cypherpunks--bet you
didn't know that, eh? That's because they go unused, for reasons I've
written about before.

And there _are_ money-related lists: IMP-Interest, DigLib, AltInst,
and probably others I've missed. Why start yet another one?

> The most critical benefit that such a dedicated list would have is
> that we could probably generate interest from parties who may have
> an interest in alternate currency/cash systems but have no interest/
> knowledge of crypto (a lot of hard core financiers that I know of
> come to mind...).

If you're not on _their_ lists, why do you think they'll join _your_ list?

> I don't have the resources to create a list but I'd be more than 
> glad to help out someone who has access to 'em.
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Creating such a list is the easy part (Duncan and Sandy just did it
for PRIVACY 101)..the hard part is having it survive infancy. 

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