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Societies & Your Health

Responding to msg by Doug Cutrell:

"Blanc seems to be concerned principally with the soundness and 
health of the business entity."
	Well, if you mean that I was defending the prerogative of a 
corporate entity against an angry mob of voters descending upon 
it to coerce services from it, health (& safety!) is the 
concern.   But actually I was taking your argument of equal 
fairness and noting that voters who responded that way to a 
denial of service would be expecting automatic beneficence, 
without considering the means to the end:  if there is no 
existing service, there is no one to coerce into providing it.  

The voting public which bands together to use coercion takes 
services & benefits for granted, without any respect for the 

" I am not sure whether Blanc would hold that businesses should 
be free to engage in racist hiring policies if that is their 

	Since I wouldn't claim to own either the corporations or the 
society within which they operate, I wouldn't presume to direct 
their hiring policies either.  

"The argument seems to be that in a free society, natural 
cooperative processes will provide a form of "autoregulation" 
to discourage the widespread development of oppression of 
specific classes of individuals."

	 Societies, I hear tell, develop with the intent of deriving 
positive benefits from an association with people who want to 
interact with each other.  In a "free" society, oppressed 
classes of individuals would be at liberty to leave to form 
their own, repressive arrangements and establish their own 
discriminative hiring policies.

"....... imagine the development of a multitude of secret 
"crypto-posse" organizations.   .......Organizations such as 
the KKK could accrue the financial support of large numbers of 
members to create strong social and economic pressures to  
oppress segments of the population. . . . . . "

	One thing I can say about this, is that there already exist a 
large number of this type of organization, and they are not 
very secret about it.  In Bosnia, in Iran, in South America, in 
South Africa, et al.  They suppress & decimate whole 
populations in full view.  Perhaps if there were a larger 
number of secret organizations, they would target each other 
and kill each other off.  The world could become one big, happy 
family of paranoids instead of just a horde of " nattering 
nabobs of negativism" ( is that an endangered species?).