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ITARs around the world

[email protected] writes:

: [email protected] (Matthew Gream):
: > [quoting alt.pgp.security]
: > I'm afraid I have to post a clarification to a clarification. I've just
: > been in contact with the relevant people at the Defence Signals
: > Directorate. It seems that regardless of advice obtained from other
: > departments and documentation that points to the contrary, there are
: > restrictive controls on software.
: Is the document mentioned the equivalent (with similar legal standing) of the
: When the Scandinavian countries join the EU next year, what will the 
: implications for crypto be? France bans it, is there any EU policy proposal?

The EU has published a plan of action for how to proceed into the

->  COM(94) 347 def.
    Brussels, 19.07.1994
This document only states that: 
(translated from dutch, lousy english I know)

The Commision plans, advised by a group of officials concerning the 
security of informationsystems, to make a proposal in september 1994
for requirements that encryption systems and signature verification
systems must follow.


The Community will research the possiblities for cooperation in the
field of encryption with third countries, notably the US.

Other relevant publications are:

->  COM(94) 128 def.
    COD 288
    Brussels, 13.06.1994  
    ISDN and mobile networks (cellular for US folks)
->  COM(92) 422
    Outline of Privacy Protection

[If you are in the EU, most University Law Libraries will have these
documents, in the US or elsewhere one should look for an depository
Library for EU publications]


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