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In article <[email protected]>,
Duncan Frissell <[email protected]> wrote:
>>I think the point isn't that totalitarian states won't last: we know
>>that.  The point is that those trying to establish a totalitarian
>>state can do a hell of a lot of damage to the rest of us before they
>That's not clearly true.  The totalitarian states we know of developed years
>ago in a much less fluid environment.

In the rise of a sudden totalitarian state, you're probably right: frankly,
 I don't think that's got a high probability.  Even were a radical group
 to win elections, it takes time to change the way a country works: a real
 example is that Clinton was elected two years ago, and he's only now
 gotten around to gutting the second amendment.

I think the biggest danger we face is graduaully increasing totalitarianism
 across the board, through mechanisms such as GATT and European Union --
 there seems to be a world-wide push to smooth differences among nations
 out into a single (yes, here it comes) "New World Order."

It's not the sudden that'll cause the damage: it's the gradual.  "Picture
 world boiling frogs."
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