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Re: Running PGP on Netcom (and Similar)

> A "Cypherpunk RISK" (apologies to the "RISKS" list) to running PGP on
> Netcom, Portal, America Online, etc. systems (and on university,
> corporate, etc. systems), is the obtaiing of *all* records,
> directories, etc. by court order.

> This has happened more than once, and will likely happen more and more
> in the future, as law enforcement realizes what a treasure trove this
> can be.

I am under the impression that many if not all Internet providers
which provide interactive logins have been raided durring the past
year.  The raids I know of were conducted by U S Marshalls acting
on behalf of a few large electronics firms (who just happen to all
have the same intelectual property atourney).