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Interns Sought (tele-commute), c++, tech writers & requirements

The Position

We are looking for several Interns from now through December.

Internships are unsalaried. At the successful completion of the
Internship a $200 stipend will be paid.

These are "work at home" and telecommuting internships.

Who We Want

We are looking for C++ programmers

We are looking for Tech Writers

We are looking for Technical Requirements Researchers


Must have the ability to communicate in English (mostly written, but
verbal as well).

Experience with mail applications, sendmail, and mime a plus.

Programmers must have access to a system with the g++ 2.5.8 and the
ability to send RFC-822 E-mail.

Tech Writers should have access to an ASCII editor (emacs preferred).

Researchers should be able to surf the Internet and have access to
technical libraries.

You can be located anywhere in the world.

We hire without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
or any physical disabilities.

Be able to sign and return by mail a non-disclosure agreement.

Who we are

We are PowerMail, Inc. a privately funded commercial venture
incorporated in the state of Delaware. We are building a state of the
art e-mailing list software in C++; The name of the product is


We are looking for programmers with solid C++ skills to build objects
for us. There a lots to chose from; many are quite interesting. 

We are looking for tech writers to help with system level and end user

We are looking for technical requirements researchers. These
researchers will investigate various standards including RFC, ISO,
IEEE, etc. and write functional requirements for various objects to be
compliant with these standards.

Please get in touch

Please send your resume and qualifications to:

      [email protected]

Please send ASCII resumes only.

For Information

For more information on any position, please send mail to

[email protected]

Don't send resumes here.


Harry S. Hawk  		   [email protected]
Product Marketing Manager
PowerMail, Inc. 	   Producers of MailWeir(tm) & PowerServ(tm)